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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long has Total HomesTM been building new homes ?
Total HomesTM is a building division within the Total Homes Frames building group which have been building new homes since 1997.

2. Can we make changes to the overall home design and building specifications ? – Yes you can!
We are happy to modify your home design to create the living style and look you need. We can also make changes to any specifications internally or externally to enhance your home further to complete your building dream – talk to your representative.

3. How long is the building process from start to finish ?
Total HomesTM building process takes up to approximately 10 months. The onsite construction time takes about 3 – 4 months within that 10 month period. Anomalies can sometimes come into play with council approvals which occasionly effect the overall time frame.

4. Western Australia building radius ?
Total HomesTM are built throughout the extended Perth metropolitan residential area and beyond. We are also able to build our homes as far north as the Geraldton region, east through to Kalgoorlie and down to Esperence in the south, accessing most of the state.

5. Some of the Construction benefits ?
a) Building in plantation timber frames throughout your home reduces your carbon footprint. Imagine how the world would be if all builder’s implemented this philosophy.
b) Timber frame construction using engineered trusses throughout will give your home superior strength especially in cyclonic and seismic areas. The use of engineered trusses throughout not only gives the customer a much stronger home, they help decrease on site building times.
c) Choosing a stumped floor system over a concrete slab nearly eliminates costly earthwork costs which can be extremely expensive at times. Make the choice to touch the ground lightly and save.

6. Total HomesTM are energy efficient to a minimum of 6 stars using the NatHERS 6 star rating system ?
Our homes are designed to be completely compliant with the NatHERS star rating system (it’s worth researching the benefits of the NatHERS energy rating system for yourself). Our homes meet a minimum of 6 stars so you can rest assured your energy usage throughout the life of your home is going to be kept to a minimum, saving your precious dollars. Don’t be fooled the NatHERS rating system is not used by all builders, the lessor rating options mainly the Reference Building Method of assessment is used throughout the industry. Choose Total HomesTM and build a superior thermal performing home using the NatHERS energy rating system.

7. Our building partners and the superior building materials used to build your Total HomesTM
At Total HomesTM rest assured your new home is built with superior materials throughout, and quality internal specifications from top to bottom finish off your new Total HomeTM. Quality home products are supplied from our major building partners – James HardieTM, ScyonwallsTM, Bunnings Trade, Westpine, Combined Metal Industries, Jason Windows, Humes Doors & Timber, Corinthian Doors, Collie Timber and Hardware, Wespine, Lockwood, Perth Plasterboard Centre, Tradelink Plumbing Centres, Technika, Solarhart, Winning Commercial, Alder Tapware, and many more. See our building partners section to access they’re website and products.

8. Can Total HomesTM be built in cyclone and seismic areas ? – Yes we can!
Our designs using engineered truss construction with framed structural walls gives superior cyclonic and seismic capabilities.

9. Can Owner’s provide or nominate their own subcontractor’s within the job ?
Sometimes this is possible within the construction of your new home and is discussed with you. Owner supplied subcontractors can be used for connections of all mains services to your new home and any site works you may require – ask your representative.

10. Do you have a finance advisory service ? – Yes we do!
We can introduce you to our licensed finance brokers who specialise in new home and land finance for purchases and builds around the entire state. Be aware some finance institutions, even the big four banks, will not look positively for different reasons on lending on new home and land packages in certain areas and towns around Western Australia. Our finance brokers use over 30 different lending institutions and are particularly specialised in tailoring your finance options to suit your needs, budget and interest rate requirements – talk to your representative.

11. Do you use Housing Industry Association contracts and documentation ? – Yes we do!
You can feel at ease knowing we are members of the HIA and use all HIA industry contracts and documentation for the building of your new home.

12. Do you include Housing Indemnity insurance and new home structural warranties ? – Yes we do!
Rest assured when you build with Total HomesTM we include building insurance and your full new home structural warranty.

13. Can Total HomesTM build new homes in clay soil areas? – Yes we can!
Choose an engineered stumped floor system and eliminate expensive earthwork costs associated with building a concrete slab home on clay soil. Clay soil is recognised as being a very unstable building foundation so make the safe choice build a stumped floor under your home – talk to your representative.

14. Does Total HomesTM specialise in country building supervision? – Yes we do!
Our building group have built hundreds of homes throughout country and rural Western Australia for over 20 years – talk to your representative.

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