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Rest assured when building with Total Homes™ you are building with a subsidiary of the Total Home Frames building group. With Building knowledge and experience of well over 20 years. Proven time and time again by all of our outstanding homes constructed around the Perth metropolitan area and country western australia.

At Total Homes™ we engage time efficient construction techniques. We can complete construction of a 4 x 2 home within three to four months of starting at site. Our methods of using engineered truss construction provides superior strength for the building and shorter construction times for all.

Over the decades many of our clients have entrusted us to build their most valuable asset and some have built numerous homes with us over their journey. At Total Homes™ we pledge to look after you throughout the entire building process, feel comfortable as we will know you by your name not just a job number within the system.

Building Styles

At Total HomesTM all our home designs can be built on a stumped floor system or a concrete slab. The stumped home can eliminate expensive earthworks, paving, retaining walls and possible subsoil drainage and be very cost effective. The concrete slab home which is available on all designs is also popular and can be a better option when building on a totally flat building site.

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