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Our Home Designs

When building with Total HomesTM we offer total building packages to suit your living needs, style and budget. Whether building throughout the metropolitan area north to the Geraldton region, east to Kalgoorlie or south to Esperence we have you totally covered.

Have a look through our latest designs and choose your dream home, colours, cladding styles from James HardieTM, internal specifications and more. With our modern vogue designs available as standard or the more traditional look we will deliver the home you want at the price you need. Whether you wish to customise one of our designs or yours talk to one our friendly sales team with years of experience to organise your dream home. Or visit our designs now and pick the home you’ve been visualising.

Construction benefits

Building in plantation treated timber frames throughout your home reduces your carbon footprint. Imagine how the world would be if all builder’s implemented this philosophy.

Timber frame construction using engineered trusses throughout will give your home superior strength especially in cyclonic and seismic areas. The use of engineered trusses throughout not only gives the customer a much stronger home, it helps decrease on site building times.

Choosing a stumped floor system over a concrete slab nearly eliminates costly earthwork costs which can be extremely expensive at times. Make the choice to touch the ground lightly and save.

Total HomesTM are energy efficient to a minimum of 6 stars using the NatHERS 6 star plus rating system.

Our homes are designed to be completely compliant with the NatHERS star rating system (it’s worth researching the benefits of the NatHERS energy rating system for yourself). Our homes meet a minimum of 6 stars so you can rest assured your energy usage throughout the life of your home is going to be kept to a minimum, saving your precious dollars. Don’t be fooled the NatHERS rating system is not used by all builders, the lessor rating options mainly the Reference Building Method of assessment is used throughout the industry. Choose Total HomesTM and build a superior thermal performing home using the NatHERS energy rating system.

The Future is here with Total Homes™

New home construction is and will be moving into the future framed construction. As standard our environmentally friendly 6 star plus energy efficient designs increase your home’s value. Superior thermal performance in your home will reduce your energy usage over it’s lifetime, saving your hard earn’t money for year’s to come. With superior home design including floor walls ceiling and roof insulation, glazing upgrades, higher NatHERS star ratings, energy efficient hot water systems, low wattage lighting options, PV systems with future battery storage possibilities, Total HomesTM is the future of new home building.

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